Dec 6, 2011

Journal your December

I was asked to be one of the guest designers for Journal Your December, a blog with daily prompts to help you along as you create your own journal! I figured as I put my page together, I would photograph each step and share the process! (I used the Peppermint kit from my Etsy shop for this page.)

the supply list:

small photo - I used a wallet sized photo trimmed down to a square
one album cardstock page
5 circles of sewn garland
bakers twine
large vellum tag
vellum star
paper button sticker
*sewn packet of sequins and snow


*for each of the kits, I packaged them in a sewn sleeve, to make this packet I filled the sleeve with sequins and snow and sewed a small little packet - about the size of a wallet size photo.

1. decide on the placement of your photo and use glue-dots to secure the sewn snow/sequin packet to your page. Take the bakers twine and bunch it on top of the packet.

2. I used a section of 5 circles and folded 1 of the circles over another. Use glue-dots to secure the garland over the backers twine.

3. Place the photo (but without gluing it into place) over the area that you'd like it to go. At this point, I just want to double check that this is really where I want my photo to be placed! Use a glue-dot to and stick the vellum star underneath the bottom corner of your photo.

4. Use 4 glue-dots to secure your photo into place. I place the glue-dots onto each corner of the photo. Use one of the paper stickers to place onto of the corner edge of your photo.

5. Lastly, I printed my title onto the large vellum label. Use a small glue-dot towards the very top of the label and then carefully slide the vellum label underneath the paper garland.

and the end result ~

I also used the index card to do all of my journaling on. My prompt was Collections, so I chose to do the journaling on how my collection of vintage deer first got started!

I hope this might help you with one of your pages! I plan on scrapbooking some more tomorrow and maybe putting together another little layout-outline. :) We have family visiting this week so crafting is squeezed into small breaks throughout the day. It makes for some very quick and interesting projects! good-night!

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Mira said...

thank You Tara for being with us! Lovely pages!!