Dec 9, 2011

the Dessert Tree

Here in our house, we do themed trees for Christmas! At one point, we only had 1 tree and it was a hodge-podge of Christmas decor... things that I had and stuff that Peter had but eh, nothing too terribly exciting. Then I inherited some old handmade Disney ornaments, starting collecting vintage glass balls and became the proud owner of my Grandma's Hallmark ornament collection and before I knew it - I had enough stuff to be able to do different themed trees throughout the house! The hardest part for us is compromising on one theme! (Not that we have to compromise too much, we did put up 3 trees this year :))

So one Saturday afternoon, while Chase slept soundly, Alaina and I crept out to the garage and decided that this year we would create a Dessert tree. We sorted through my boxes of kitchen themed ornaments and pulled anything that had to do with dessert or baking. Cupcakes, gingerbread men, ice-cream cones, slices of cake, lolly-pops, candy and sheets of cookies, some wire whisks and spatulas and a few vintage glass bulbs. If it was cute, sweet and or pink, we were going to use them!

The only new ornament I had to purchase for this tree was the knitted D!
(I really need a larger tree for all of the ornaments! I looked everywhere for a 6ft. flocked Christmas tree to no avail. I was too late! major bummer)

*Alaina picked out this ornament because according to a 7 year olds philosophy of dessert, bacon is a perfectly acceptable dessert choice. :) - in case you were wondering how the 3 little pigs found their way onto our tree.*

and because you can't have a dessert tree without a glass, or jar, of milk!

I have a special blog-hop party and a pretty giveaway to do tomorrow! Don't forget to pop back by this weekend!


Tania Martyns said...

I'ma fan of your work, I love your blog!
He is gorgeous and inspiring!
I love everything I see around here!

your Christmas tree is wonderful!

Thank you for sharing your art with us!

Hugs from Brazil,

Anonymous said...

hogs and kisses? To awesome!

Ellen H. said...

The pigs are so cute!!! :)

J9nKidz said...