Nov 4, 2013

sweet november: 2pm

At 2pm today, I was getting the family ready for photos. 

Hair, makeup, clothes.  

We are finally going to have a family photo for our Christmas cards this year! (Yep, 2013 is the year I will actually send out Christmas cards and as a bonus there will be a family photo inside!) A good friend & neighbor of mine also happens to be a wonderful family photographer in this area, so she let me bring along my camera to take a few photos of the kids. I'm excited to see the photos that she took of them! Shelby takes amazing photos of kids, and both of my little ones love her, so I have my fingers crossed that Chase was more willing to smile for her than he was for me. 

 Here's a few photos from tonight. Alaina is my little model, she is so easy and eager to take good photos. Chase on the other hand, he's my hot and cold kid. Some days are good, some days not so much and tonight he decided that he was "bored and wanted to get out of here." Even bribes weren't working for us. 

Ahh kids, got to love them and their ever changing moods! 

Thanks for stopping by again tonight! xo~ tara


Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

beautiful photos :)

have a great day x

Anonymous said...

que fotos más bonitas !! preciosas ...

Angela said...

so sweet! happy november!

Anastasia said...

your kids are just beautiful Tara!!