Nov 7, 2013

sweet november: up-close

Todays' word is 'up-close.' The first thing that comes to mind is flowers, or something equally as pretty when taken with the macro camera setting. I however, don't have any flowers at the moment. So, succulents it is. I also walked around the house looking at different textures to photograph. I love this time of year, the warm colors mixed with brass and gold are some of my favorite decor combinations. (I may be also going through a brown phase lately, I seem to be drawn to the color!) 

I'm going to attempt to go spend some time in my craft room tonight. I have some things for Etsy I need to get ready and I've been wanting to get some scrapbooking time in as well. I miss all of paperish stuff! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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j. wilson said...

twins! my post is coming up!