Nov 9, 2013

sweet november: inspiration

When I think inspiration, color comes to mind. Of course. I have alot of fun putting together my color wires, I start with a stack of magazines and a clip board. Usually, I have a color combination already in mind that I want to use, but sometimes I'll see an photo in a magazine that is so pretty or inspiring that it will shift the initial color combination. 

For this color pallet I chose warm tones inspired by traditional Fall colors with the addition of a rich berry color. It's always been one of my favorite colors to use, finding scrapbooking papers in that color isn't always easy but I can almost always find it in fabric! 

dove grey - warm pumpkin - black raspberry - cedar brown

The next time you have a project to complete, or even just a scrapbook layout, try putting together a 'project board.' Just grab a clip board and add things that you find inspirational to help you with the creative process! I love making these little fabric charts - I take small snips of fabric and sew them together. Seeing a combination of fabrics helps me decide on the colors I want to use or the patterns that I want to combine for my own projects! 

Color is what inspires me to create, what inspires you? 

xo ~ Tara

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j. wilson said...

i love it and do the fabric scrap stitching too! i need to get some mini clip boards...i also need to get that darn room organized so i can hang clipboards! love the berry added!