Nov 18, 2013

sweet november: thankful

It's so simple really, but I'm truly thankful for how I feel right now. Last year at this time, I wouldn't have been able to say that. My new recently found health that seems to be pretty good, is something that I stumbled on randomly this last January. I've spent most of my life being, for lack of a better word, being sick. I lived on one prescription after another, month after month, trying to figure out what would help. Diagnosed with more than 5 chronic illnesses, I wondered how I would ever just be normal? How could I make plans when being sick kept me either in bed or at home 2 to 3 weeks a month? How would I be able to spend meaningful time with the kids? Then, while laying on the couch sick yet again one night, an idea popped into me head: I know what's been making me sick. From that moment on, much like a light switch being turned off, all of my 'chornic illnesses' were gone, problems that I've lived with almost since birth ~ no longer an issue. I cured myself - much to the disbelief of all my Dr.s - and I haven't been sick since. (Well, except for one time in Oregon, but I'm not going to count that, it was an accident.) I'll write more about this later on, it's such a long unbelievable story.

No longer being sick meant that we could start making plans and we started traveling - alot. Flagstaff, Tucson, San Diego, Oceanside, Nor Cal, Oregon, Pinetop and Sedona a few times. I've become the traveler I always wanted to be. Looking back on my blog this year, it looks more like a travel blog rather than a crafting blog. My absence on my own blog has been substantial as well. Before, I was always stuck at home, there was nothing else to do, so I would spend time crafting and blogging, but now I'm not home that much because I don't have to be. 

The kids have a healthy mom now too. I can make plans to be in their classroom without having to cancel the morning of. I can take them places and we can travel and explore together. I don't feel like I'm constantly missing out on their lives and that means so much to me. I really am grateful that I'm finally the healthy person I had always hoped I'd be - it took about 31 years to get to this point but I intend to make up for lost time. 

This year, and hopefully for the coming years, I'm thankful for my health.


j. wilson said...

bok! bok! <3

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are taking life by the horns and creating your own path to walk on. Good for you. Have a blast, but still blog please.