Nov 5, 2013

sweet november: orange

Today's word is orange. I know, the first thing that comes to mind right now is probably pumpkins, but I was thinking about a darker orange, like burnt pumpkin or terra cotta orange. I created a Fall color combination inspired by a collection of tiny potted succulents and spools of thread. 

granite- terra-cotta- pumpkin cream-patina-peach

This is the easiest crafty project ever! If you have 5 minutes, a few paints and a little canvas, you have time to be creative! Chase and I love making these, we choose a combination of paints, some small paint brushes and we just 'scribble' various colors onto the canvas. I think these canvases look best when collected and displayed with other framed art pieces. I'll share my Fall art collection this month, I'm still adding to it! 

 Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday afternoon!  

xo~ Tara


I'm Sara. said...

I enjoy your posts so much! Thanks for the orange inspiration :)

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

loving this November series :)

love the mini canvas too x