Nov 12, 2013

sweet november: black & white

Looking back on today it was really similar to yesterdays events, where I sat glued in my favorite spot editing photos and getting packages ready to be mailed. I tinkered around with this camera for awhile, debating on what to do with it since 1.(I have 2 of them) and 2. this one still has film in it, and it came with a couple of extra boxes of film. Could I develop my own photos? What would the photos look like from a Kodak Brownie? What photos did someone already take with it? That's the questions that intrigues me the most! What would I find if I could figure out how to develop the photos!

So, this camera got me thinking about my ttv photos. I've been wanting to take out the Anscoflex again, there's something about old cameras, that despite the crazy looks I get, I love using them. Not lately though it seems, I've been really unmotivated to use my favorite little box cameras. They've sadly sat on a shelf collecting dust all summer.  Then, this idea popped into my head today: 12 days of TTV photos in December. I could totally come up with 12 different Christmas/winter themed ideas to photograph! 
 Anyone up for doing a Christmas photo challenge? 

Back to editing photos tonight and possibly cleaning that disaster of a room - also known as my craft room!

Happy evening to you! ~ tara

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