Nov 6, 2013

sweet november: sky view

I'm doing a quick post tonight, (still finishing up homework!) Today's prompt was 'sky-view,' I was planning on taking a photo up in the hills nearby, but that clearly was not going to happen today. Today was more of a stay home and cook kind of day! (I made apple butter! I've been waiting all year for pumpkin waffles with apple butter!) 

 The view from our balcony just before sunset. I was hoping that if I waited all day, that maybe the clouds would roll in during the late afternoon as they often do, but no luck today. Just a clear blue sky for as far as you can see. 

I'm hoping your view looks a little more like Fall than ours here in the desert! 

xo ~ Tara

1 comment:

j. wilson said...

such a purty view! we have a mountain out back...i like yer cacti.