Nov 14, 2013

sweet november: everyday

I thought today's prompt was going to be really easy, but it actually took me awhile to think of something. I have, for the most part, the same schedule everyday. A true creature of habit. I like to do the same things, in order starting from early morning to late night. Taking a photo of my routine wasn't as easy as I had hoped and it wouldn't be an interesting photo either! A constant though, throughout the day is music. Whether I'm playing the trumpet or piano, listening to the music channels on tv, or playing an old record, there is almost always music being played in some room of this house. 

That's what I chose for everyday: music - in the form of vintage records. My record player was a Christmas present from Peter a few years back. Since then, I've collected some great records, mostly old instrumental records and Christmas records that remind me of the music my Grandparents played during Christmas time at their house. Then there are some of my favorites - Joan Jett, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and Frank Sinatra. I think the kids know those records by heart from listening to them so often! 


That's my everyday! I'm off to go pick up some photos and then I have my fingers crossed that I can spend some time scrapbooking tonight! I love getting new photos, it's just the motivation I need to get started on some new projects! 

~  Tara

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j. wilson said...

i need a new record player. mine is an old school School issued thing with a dull needle. Love to listen to music!