Nov 17, 2013

sweet november: layered

Hi there! It's going to be a quick late night post today, there are little kids to get ready for bed and Alaina has her Endocrinology apt in the morning. (Never a fun a apt to go to as there's blood work involved and she invariably works herself into a panic the night before her apt. It's sad, she's 9 and has been doing this since she was born, she has Congenital Hypothyroidism, but it's still so upsetting for her and yet it has to be done. It's the part of parenting that brings on such an incredible amount of guilt. I think we loathe taking her to these apts. probably as much as she detests going. I really hope that one day it will get easier for her or just less stressful!) 

Today's prompt was layered. I originally intended to complete a couple of scrapbook layouts - but that certainly didn't happen today. Alaina and I ran errands for much of the day. I took her out for a 'girls day' of shopping and lunch - anything to take her mind off of tomorrow. So it's back to Polyvore ~ my trusty back up plan!  

We're getting ready.... I'm mentally preparing for a trip up North that we have scheduled for next month. Snow and sweaters, jackets and boots, I'm so excited. I've been putting together this mental list of cozy sweaters and really heavy jackets to bring along with us. Last year when we got off the train it was -9 degrees, this year I'll be ready for it! I made a quick collage using my favorite color: grey! Grey really is my happy color! 

I'm off, to take some notes and get kids into bed for the night.  
xo ~ Tara

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Laura said...

Just to know u that your blog it's so expiring! ^^ Love the way u work with natural material.