Nov 2, 2013

sweet november: collected

One of my favorite words! I have alot of collections, most of them vintage, and most of which I justify as photo props. *wink*wink (Like for these photos! I do have photographer friends though that can also use my vast amount of old stuff!) One of my current favs is using old books as home decor. I gathered a few books in warm Fall colors and grouped them together on the piano. 

This summer I came toting home 2 big boxes of books. One box contained a set of Thackeray books from the late 1880's and the second box, I picked up at a local library box sale - vintage text books from UC Berkeley and Stanford. Those were such a great find! 

Vintage books are this seasons collection trend for me! What is your favorite collection a the moment? 

xo ~ Tara

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Sarah Martina said...

I collect those as well! I also love old frames & I'm always looking for a great pitcher... those are though to find though.