Nov 13, 2013

sweet november: old (tutorial)

Today's word was old. How old? Well that was up to you, but when I think of old I think vintage. Of course. This project was one that I meant to post way back in Spring and for whatever reason I never made it happen. So, I thought old as in old jewelry and a tutorial - what a great combination! We're going to make pretty Fall inspired magnets to hang up little kid artwork, schedules or just to-do lists. These magnets will make anything hanging on your fridge look infinitely better and with only a few materials you can whip them up in no time! 

First, you'll need to collect some older jewelry, preferably vintage clip on earrings - the type that your Grandma most likely had. I don't recommend using Grandmas heirloom jewelry collection though, instead check your local thrift stores! They're usually really inexpensive to purchase at thrift stores! After you've collected a few pairs, you'll also need a pair of small pliers, E6000 glue and small magnets. (I love using Rare-Earth magnets.)

Start by removing all of the backs from the earrings. Use the pliers to gently snap off the clip on parts. Add a small dot of the E6000 glue to the back of each earring back. (E6000 glue has a history of oozing out and making a mess, so I like to work quickly with it and get the lid back on asap.) Once the glue has been added, place a small magnet into the glue.

E6000 glue is also really smelly, make sure the area you're working in is well ventilated. Take each magnet separately and move them to a place to allow the glue to set. I suggest out in the garage. Just remember to keep them separated with enough space in between each magnet. The rare earth magnets are incredibly strong and they will attract to each other making a mess of the glue. It's possible I know this from experience. :) 

Let them dry at least a full 24 hours before you use them. I love how they look on the fridge, vintage jewel magnets that sparkly in the light - what's not to love! I'm also thinking they would make lovely little hostess gifts this season, displayed in a pretty box all wrapped up!

Thanks for stopping in tonight and happy crafting! 

xo ~ Tara


~amy~ said...

What a great idea!

Clare said...

I love these!