Nov 10, 2013

sweet november: to-do list

Rather than post a photo of my to-do list, which only had one thing on it today, I thought I would show you what I did instead. 

To do: go on an adventure

My sweet friend Erica and I decided it was time to take an adventure up North together, and although our plans hit a bit of a bump once we got there, it lead us back down the road to this trail: the Huckaby Trail in Sedona. Sometimes plans not working out is the best thing to have happened! 

We parked in the tiny lot right off of the bridge and followed the carved in stone steps down to a look out point. Since neither one of us had hiked this trail prior, we didn't really know what to expect but happy to see that the trail went down to the water below! (Us desert dwellers get really excited with the idea of water; rain, creeks, monsoon floods - all good things!) From there, there's a steep switch back trail for a half mile until you reach the first creek. It's amazing to be at the bridge and within minutes to be on the canyons floor looking up. (I won't lie, hiking down the canyon was a whole lot easier than coming back up! It was a slow moving process for us there at the end of our hike.) I think both Erica and I agreed on this one, it's a hike worth taking! Especially right now during Fall when the colors are vivid and crossing portions of the creek is still manageable. Hope you enjoy the photos!   

Thanks so much for visiting tonight! Hope you're having a lovely holiday weekend! 

xo~  Tara


Bonnie said...

Beautiful photo's. Thanks for sharing your hike.

Ashley Calder said...

LOVE your photos! Have been enjoying your frequent blog posts lately! :)

j. wilson said...

jeffy & i have been on that was too hot to go too far. much prettier in the fall!

Lisa Russell said...

Sedona is so pretty! My son and daughter in law just got back from there this past weekend!