Nov 30, 2013

sweet november

I am so bad at taking photos! Like, really bad. Sometimes I even don't remember until late at night, long after there is any natural day light left, and other times I just don't feel like picking up the 5 pound camera and lugging it around with me. I think I can honestly say, that I probably (most likely) will never again want to do a 30 day photo challenge. I can't make it. Thinking back, I probably should have started off with something easy, like a 7 day challenge.

So, I wasn't feeling great on Thanksgiving - no photos were taken. Then yesterday, I didn't even bother getting dressed yesterday. It was just one of those days, the kid's and I made an executive decision to stay in our pj's all day, and we did. The only thing that happened yesterday was our family elf, Elfie, made his first appearance of the year!

This time Elfie arrived with a package, but it was much too heavy for his tiny arms to carry and so he had to leave it on the front porch. He left the kids a note sticking to my lamp, saying his generals hellos and welcome back and told them to check the front door for a surprise. It's like an incentive for what's to come so they can be on their best behavior this month. The box came addressed to them from the Toy Shop @ the North Pole, complete with a return label stamp and 'special delivery' tags. Inside, the box was filled with pretty wrapped packages full of little toys, crayons, stickers, candy canes, lot's of "hand-made stuff from the North Pole," (- Alaina's exact words) some Christmas ornaments to share and a special holiday book for Alaina to read Chase at bed time. 

Both kids said yesterday was the best day ever. I'd have to agree, it's really fun watching them so excited about a little Elf that likes to hang out around the house. 

Last day of November, hope you're having a fun Saturday! 

xo~ Tara

ps. didn't take a photo of myself today either - I told you I was bad at this! 

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