Nov 11, 2013

sweet november: special


Special, that word could mean so many different things and it could be depicted in many different ways but as I was editing photos last night, I glanced over to my notebook and discovered this little gem of a drawing. 

I have notebooks in almost every room of our house. That way as I'm walking around I have paper close by to jot down ideas or notes or important stuff to remember. Lately, Chase has been leaving me these little scribble drawings at the bottom of my paper. I find them everywhere, my shopping lists, grocery lists, to-do lists. Mostly happy faces; pumpkins with happy faces, sun and flower happy faces, people with smiley faces. I love his little stick people and that he draws them for me. I never thought scribbly doodles could be something special and yet they are. 

xo ~ Tara

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