Nov 1, 2013

sweet november, day 1

Hello November and thanks for joining us this Friday morning!  Today is the first day of our Sweet November photo-a-day challenge. (click here to see the photo list) Hopefully you'll be inspired to play along with us, and at the end of the month  we'll have weeks worth of fun photos to share with each other! 

Today's word is perfect for the start of a photo challenge (I can't take credit for it though as Jessica came up with the idea) but it sets the stage for what's to come! 


What does morning mean to you and if you were going to take of photo of your 'morning' what would it look like? 

My mornings, are pretty routine. Simple really, kids running about, dogs following the kids around the house, backpacks being filled, breakfast being made, the smell of sweet cream and coffee, Charlie & Lola on the tv. After Alaina is off to school I start my morning cleaning routine. I love this time of year because I can leave the windows open, the cool air makes tidying up the house less of a chore!  

Mornings here are peacefully quiet. 

Don't forget, we have a Flickr group just for your Sweet November photos and if your posting your photos on your blog, leave us a link so we can come look! 

xo ~ Tara

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